Our flagship fleet management system.

Live Temperature Monitoring.

Digit, D-Temp, temperature monitoring offers a low cost and accurate method of displaying the most current temperature in cold chain applications. The software displays and records the temperature and any fluctuations in the temperature levels of a vehicle load for the entire day. A daily temperature report can be extracted. The current temperature levels of a vehicle is also constantly visible during live tracking. The software enables the user to trace temperature levels back to when temperature monitoring was first installed in the vehicle.

Driver ID Automatically

The reliable D-Tag or i-button system can easily identify the driver who drove a particular vehicle at a particular time. When live tracking a vehicle, the current driver’s identity is displayed. The historic trip log reports make it possible to identify the driver responsible for any speeding fine or other traffic violation. This is an AARTO requirement.

Trust is good, but control is better.

Worried about your driver and where he is at the moment? Can’t get a hold of him and see your vehicle is parked in a suspicious location?
Immobilize the vehicle via SMS until you find out what the cause is of he current situation. Always stay in control.